okay, okay already

wow, it's been a while a know. meleia will be the first to let me know! so many things have happend since the beginning of the year, and it's JULY! ben and i had our first dinner at our house since december. we invited amb, lu and nicci over for spicy cajun casserole. it wasn't very spicy, but that's ben's fault, he didn't add enough cayenne. :) we still have our dishes in the spare bedroom, which i'm not sure why, ben thought we should move all that stuff in there a long time ago and there it sits. we wash all our dishes in the bathroom too! it makes me laugh. i think i'll put all the dishes back in the cabinets monday while he's at work. we just need to get the other half of our countertops ordered, a sink, some cabinet doors, figure out where to put the fridge for sure and call it a day. we wont even be able to really enjoy it either, we'll be putting it on the market after that!

here are some of the things that have happend this year...

salon W's one year anniversary party

salon W's first fashion/hair show

i planned our 10 yr HS reunion & it was a success, by my standards! ha!

went to vegas

went to mexico

jamie got engaged

threw jamie and benji an engagement party

billy joel concert




and it's only july. i feel like my life has stepped up a notch. or two.

oh, and ben and i decided to stop preventing pregnancy. so i guess we're not officially trying, but we're not stopping it either. so that's cool. since i got off the pill i feel like a real woman. i didn't know i felt like something else, but i know now that this feels right, my body feels good. i like it.

one last thing, i'm buying my new(er) car today! woot! i'm going to feel so fancy driving a LEXUS!!!! fancy fancy fancy.


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