just some stuff we've done...

lots going on round here!

Recently we went to dinner with Amb, Lu and Ike at the Wedge. So good! they gave the kids pizza dough to play with and that was entertaining. (yes that is a knife in her hand.) After the kids finished eating they decided to have a dance party by the table. so cute. i'm just glad the other guests enjoyed it as much as we did.

After dinner we went to Toyscape. Pretty neat seeing your city made of Legos!

also this past weekend was Ikes 2nd bday party! i can't believe our lil ones are growing up so fast. Ike had a wonderful time. Cecily was so well behaved, until she took Ikes Dora play dough. He freaked out and she finally handed it over. whew. We got to meet Falcor, the albino Ferret. We walked through some of the birds and got to see a BLUE billed duck. I think renting a place for a party is super smart now. I bet we do that next year!

also, i will figure out to do pics in right order. someday. blerg.

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