I got to go skiing! First time in my life and i had an amazing trip. Thanks to MFC for inviting me to tag along. We left friday morning drove to santa fe for a friends bday party. it was so nice! cool location, great food, and tons of his family and friends, whom i did not know! But we did make some salon connections, that is always a treat. the birthday boys mother and cousin both frequent our salon and I think that is great. So luckily i had something to talk about other than the weather. Which was COLD. On our way to Taos it was a mere 8 degrees. Really? yes. We got our rentals, went to ski school. morning and afternoon classes. I was glad i did too, but sad b/c i never learned to stop in my morning class. ha! my new friends of course were shredding up the mountain all day and left us on the base of the mountain. i don't blame them. BUT they did leave MFC and myself there, at the base of the mountain, learning, when they got tired and headed to the car. HA! luckily it's a straight shot from santa fe to taos and it was a cinch to get back. just in time for dinner. we were so sweaty, but no time to wash our hair b/c our resos were for 6:15. we were 5 minutes late and then the REST of the crew, all 15 of them showed up about 30 minutes later. (We totally had time to wash our hair.) sunday we slept in, took our time getting ready and walked around the plaza. it was lovely, cold but sunshiny, we ran into different parts of the group around the plaza. ate lunch, ate a crepe, had coffee. and left. but not before i found my treasure. it was great finding her. just what i wanted. now i shall attempt to frame her and hope to do her justice. that early evening we went to see New Moon, not too good. but i didn't really enjoy the book either. we'll see how the next one. not a fan of the kristen girl who sighs a lot and murders her pillows during her nightmares. after that we had a great dinner with the group again, this time smaller b/c some had already left for home. it was my favorite night. we sat in front of the fireplace, drinking wine, eating leaves of romaine, friend pickles, mini burgers, sweet potato fries, and other goodies. this was the night i wish would lasted a bit longer. the conversation was good, my wine was good, but we had to get up early and come back to reality in the morning. also, all through this, my amazing husband, ben, took care of C while i got to go play in the snow. Thanks babe. i just wish i had a picture of me learning to ski.

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