almost there

C is 11 months old now. she is walking. everywhere. but refuses to wear shoes. she eats all our food. but refuses to eat her own. she says, up, down, woof, dada, nana. she calls me nana unless she is upset then it's mama. she says outside, stella. other things she does is when i say do you want to rock she'll start moving her body back and forth. she rocks. when she get upset at me she wants to bite me. yesterday she pooed and peed in the potty. i put her on after naps and before we leave the house. she loves the sound of her voice. she's been practicing her s's for a while now and makes a ahhhhh sound after she takes a drink. she dances when she hears music and she howls when she hears a siren. thanks to stella the dog. she listens when she wants. she is so big in so many different ways. i'm going to look into a Mothers day out class this week. I think she would like it. She loves to play peek-a-boo. she likes short to medium walks b/c long walks she gets bored. she loves to swing on the swing set. i'm not listing all the things she does b/c there are so many i can't remember them all until she shows me how smart she is. all day long she is so smart. i hope i can keep out smarting her for a while longer. :)

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Amanda said...

She's such a big girl! I'm seriously impressed with the potty activity! It sounds like she's loving life.