packing stinks. all that is left is the really random things that dont really fit in boxes. i'm thinking about taking a trash bag and throwing it all in on our way out.

my shelves are empty. my house is in disarray and that is how i feel like my life is right now. a big mess. we won't have our home for a while and we'll be staying with my gma for a few nights and then off to my mothers until the house gets finished. i hope C will be fine.

we celebrated my 25th birthday in this house. we had just moved in. the paint was fresh. it was asparagus green. we've since renovated the kitchen, for the past 3 years. :) we've repainted the living and dining and hallway. and C's room. this house, our home will protect its new habitant. lots of parties. some fights. and ice storm. awesome neighbors. our first home. we brought our two puppies home to this house. C's first home that she'll only see in pictures or if i drive by and show her when she asks about it. :) i will miss my flowers that i planted. i will miss the quick trips to the mall! i will miss my friends being so close to me.


Amanda said...

I hope you love your next home too. It sounds like this will always be a special place.

meleiarw said...

ahh I am going to miss your house too - she was mighty pretty... but now, think about how you get to drive down the road to your PO Box and talk to all the locals.

{and ps you should tell people, aka me, if you change your blog web address}