I can't believe we did it. We sold our first home. Bittersweet. I teared up when we found out we had a deal. and now that i think about our so called deal i feel like we just rolled over and said yes! please take whatever you want, just buy our house. they want, and got, our NEW washer and dryer, the shelves over the sofa and in C's room! WHAT!? they want my shelves! heck yes they do. we are swapping the one out in C's room for another one b/c it's sentimental to me. Also, we are replacing the fence panels on one side, but i don't mind that b/c we were going to do that anyway. So now, i'm searching craigslist and dent & ding for a washer and dryer. frontload. eh. and we have 6 weeks to get our new house move in ready! i think since we have a date now we can really work to get things going! I'm really excited about it, it's going to be awesome!!! the first thing i want to do is build our simple deck. i need a place to hang out with C and the goats! ha! and the chicks! haha!

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