i'm on a roll!

Well, today Aislinn and Afton came by to pick up the pack-n-play. I'm afraid C is not a fan of other babies. She was not to thrilled about sharing and not excited when he laid his sweet lil head on her shoulder to love on her. she was pissed about it. she fussed but never really cried. my brother Matt was here to meet them, i like it when my family can meet my friends they have only heard about. it's nice. After they left i realized that there was no instruction book on how to set that thing up! i'm sure she got it though. here are some pics!

and here are some other pics too...

ps i can never get the pics to be in order. sorry!

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Aislinn and Dustin said...

had so much fun last weekend! Pretty soon C will be big enough to 'fight back' and push that silly boy around! miss you guys, xx