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since i haven't in a while! all i've been doing lately is play play play with C. she is so much more fun now. she's rolling around, getting on hands and knees and scooting. she really enjoys going backwards. :) she goes tomorrow for her 6 MONTH checkup!!! I can't wait to see how much she weighs and how tall she is. she has a lil runny nose so i'll ask about that too. actually our whole family has had that. it starts with a super sore throat, then that goes away and then super congested nose and runny nose. we produce a lot of snot. poor girl. also tomorrow i get a massage! i NEED one. i WANT one. i cannot wait for it.

Another thing that came up this week was the Austin City Limits line up! PEARL JAM - BEASTIE BOYS - DAVE MATTHEWS BAND - KINGS OF LEON - MOS DEF - LILY ALLEN - and the list goes on! we would really like to go. at first we considered leaving C here with my mom. Then i thought, hey! lets bring mom with us! b/c i'm sure i couldn't be without C for 3 nights. that's just too long. I have some girlfriends who have done it with their babies recently and they did fine, but i'm not sure about me. if i could do that just yet. but i would like to see how she does staying the night with mom one night... that would be nice! anyways, so now i'm looking into hotels and i think mom might really be interested in going! i told her to bring joseph and to make it a lil vacation, well sorta. she would be with c a lot of the day and a lot of the night too! but she would still get to go around town and maybe the Austin Zoo! who knows what will happen but i think it would be great.

also, tonight is a benefit concert at The Conservatory for the fire victims in Choctaw. At least one member from the band will be from Choctaw, i think i'm going to try and go! i've never been there before and think it's a great cause and a good time to go!

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