no name

i'm not good at titling blogs. and lately i've not wanted to or been interested in writing. i feel like all i talk about is C and her sleeping/eating habits! so now i will talk about how pumped i am to be moving back to Nicoma Park! we'll be just down the street from my grandma and my mom and so much closer to Bens parents and my brothers. a lot of my girlfriends probably think we are crazy and have said things like "well, i'm glad you brought it up b/c i didn't know what to say about it." well just ask me about it, it's not a bad thing for us. in fact it's going be freaking awesome. since we only have one income now it's going to help us our financially too. it's been okay since C has arrived but it's been a big adjustment from 2 incomes and no baby to one income and one baby. :) we obviously don't go out as much anymore but it's mostly b/c we want to be home with C and not b/c we can't afford it. sometimes we can't though and that stinks. well this went somewhere where i didn't think it would. ha! it normally doesn't.

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