time off

yes! today ben and i pawned C off on my mom for a while when we drove to norman to get our tile. it was not planned but worked out fantastically! Then gma and gmpa Sellers came over to watch her so we could enjoy dinner with friends tonight. So NICE! I love my baby but i needed some time away and i really enjoyed it! of course i love my friends but oh how i've missed them. plus ben and i had big news to tell them but they pretty much already knew, they probably knew before we did! i was scared to tell them, we always have made fun of our friends who moved back to our home towns! and that is exactly what we are doing. :) it makes sense for us and i'm super excited! we wanted to tell them in person so it's taken some time to do so. it's been really hard not to blurt it out over the phone and i feel like i've been keeping a secret from them but i think they saw it coming... it's been hard for me lately b/c we used to see them 2 to 3 times a week and now we have to schedule a dinner! we are both just in different places right now. at first i thought it was b/c of the baby, but i think more and more it's b/c our lives changes all around the same time. new jobs, two jobs, baby, and i'm really trying to not be the friends who fall away when they have a baby but i can totally see how that happens now. your schedule revolves around your babies and if they are in bed by 7:30 then it's hard to out past that time! :) i completely underestimated how much our lives would change. i've had two sweet margaritas tonight and i think that is showing in my writing. PEACE!

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