sleeping problems part dos

so last night C went down about 8 woke at 11:30 to eat so i fed her in our bed. she woke again around 2 or 3ish and this time instead of the boob, she got the paci! take that! ben went in and gave it to her twice, the third time, i did it and i think she smelled the boobs b/c she started to really cry. we agreed that we would wait a few minutes and voila....asleep! it was awesome, she woke at her normal 4 to 5ish time to eat again and then back down til about 7:45. I think i may try something i read today too. It said for me to feed her one more time right before i go to bed about 10:30 or 11 while she is asleep, and not to wake her. This way she'll get a full belly and enough calories to make it through the night, hopefully. but i'm scared that i will wake her, but i'm also pretty sure that she would just fall back asleep. so we'll see what we actually end up doing. but also i would like to cut out the 4-5 o'clock feeding, i know she is getting enough to eat during the day to handle it, i think right now it's just out of routine that she keeps waking up, not b/c she's hungry. :)

also, i went to the doctor. i gave him my list of ailments, i'll give it to you too.

sore/numb right heel
numb right knee
sore neck (from looking down during nursing, and from a violent cough attack)
sore shoulder (from violent couch attack)
stopped up ears, hurt when i bend over, roll over and so on...
upset tummy
and a funny feeling in the back of my head with funny popping/crackling noises

he gave me some probiotics
told me to get some over the counter cream for my numb knee
and gave me a RX for a nightly foot rub until i fall asleep.

:) i love my new doctor!

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