the sick get sicker

well i'm bummed b/c last week i went to the doctor, and then i got worse! and what's worse is that baby C caught a lil boogie nose from me too and a smidge of a cough. I feel bad but we both went to the doctor today to take care of business! I'm hoping my antibiotics will do the trick. I really just the doc would say let nature runs it's course with C but he gave her some bubble gum medicine. He did tell me however to wait a few days and see if the antibiotics she'll get through the breast milk will be enough. I like him.

Our dogs needs baths in a bad way. and their teeth brushed. and their nails clipped. we're on a new budget and now we are trying to do all those things ourselves when normally they would just go to the vet and get groomed. sorry Ralph.

I've missed the last 4 boot camps. I feel like they think i'm making up excuses not to come, but i know what is right for me and my body. plus i don't want to spread it around.

Ben told me he had a nightmare last night that baby C was missing. he said he went crazy in his dream looking for her, knocking over chairs and tables hunting for her. at the end of the dream we found her with and older Asian lady who found her and was playing with her. weird.

i'm hoping to visit Cuppies & Joe this week or weekend. I'm craving a Neverland cuppie but all the recalls on peanut butter are making me want to try the Don. (italian creme) :)

Ben was off work today, and again on Friday! I love weeks like this when he gets to spend the day with us. It's so nice.

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