What is happening!?

So a few days ago i heard my friend, that is due the DAY after me, water broke! and it happened while at the families lake house way away from her home! so, she is on bed rest for 2 months and has to deliver the baby in a completely different state and doctor, which would stink. This morning, my long time friend, called me and said she is being induced today! Woohoo! Which is fine b/c her due date is Aug. 22. But they are inducing her b/c she has high blood pressure. Then, when i got into work today, one of the stylists sisters, who is also due around my due date, was rushed to the hospital this morning and then moved again to see a high risk doctor! They said she has pre preclempsia and she needs to stay for a while and monitor the baby, of course and monitor herself too. They also said that the baby will be born for sure by Oct. 1st! which is really early since we are both due around the middle of October. HOLY SMOKES! that's it.

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