Dr. apts

today i went in for my normal 4 week check up. it kinda stunk b/c ben couldn't come b/c he had some sort of geigh work training. also, my doc is on vaca and i had to see the on call doc. he was nice enough. and sorta cute. first off i forgot our receptionist started school so soon when we made our last apt so i didn't have anyone to watch the front desk. boo. amber graciously accepted to answer phones until i got back, but then needed to go to an apt with her hubby around the same time. normally i would not fret but our back up girl for the front had requested to be off until 11. BLEH. She did say, however, that she would hurry into work and answer phones for me until i could get in. Then she tells me that she has a friend in form Korea and needs to leave to meet up for lunch at noon, but says that a certain stylist will answer phones so that she can leave. I have 0 control over my staff. zilch. i need to nip that in the bud. before i leave and someone else is in charge, make it as easy as possible for the next one in line.

on a much better note. I gained 3 lbs since the last visit which is GREAT! and my belly measures what it should be! and my blood pressure is good! WOOT! and the whole visit with the actual doc took less than 90 seconds. HA! but now i start going every 2 weeks!!!! SO EXCITING! and we have showers coming up! I'm sort of regretting my family shower is after the baby is born, I'm afraid we won't have all our things we need before the baby comes! but i know that it will all work out, it always does.

this weekend was great, got a lot of things ORDERED! Our blinds for the babes room, got the rug ordered, bought fabric for the drapes...thanks to amber, she'll be helping me make them!!!! woot! i really thought i could find some for cheap but no, no such luck. i think that's it!


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meleiarw said...

Well I can't wait to see the baby room all put together!