sparkle pop ninja

hello! i'm going to start, or at least try to start writing. Not everyay, but most days. I'll write about me. My friends. Family. Bentley & Beemer. and some other randoms. sometimes i have weird dreams and sometimes i don't remember them.

like the other night. dreamland. it was new years eve. huge party. At the party there was two areas. Good and Evil. I was drug to the evil side. and as i stand in this room, peeking through a door into the lobby. i witnessed these people cutting off the faces of other people. fucked up. and then they threw the faces at me. I look down and one of the faces was a WEREWOLF. hello? what? that came out of my brain. and imagine how hard it is to tell someone what the dream was. they look at you. all weird. and start to analyze your fucked up mind. and for some reason i'm using the F word a lot right now. hmm. that's it. that's all i remember about that dream. but most importantly i remember the feeling. the feeling of trying to get to the Good side. I hope i make it there.


NOTE: this was written a long time ago and NEVER posted. thought i would share now...

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